EVRS Water Softener

EVRSUnwanted minerals and water hardness is a nuisance to most water users. It makes even the simplest process of cleaning a nightmare since hard water won’t lather as easily. In addition to this, the magnesium and calcium in hard water is a menace to your plumbing and water heaters. The buildup of these two minerals can clog your pipes reducing water flow while the heaters will suffer from scale build up hence reducing their efficiency.

You don’t have to worry about this anymore with the EVRS. It is the perfect system designed to get rid of all those extra minerals and saving you the plumbing maintenance nightmare. The slim and compact design makes it a perfect small space installation piece hence it is ideal for homes and other small establishments.

The EVRS is eco-friendly thanks to Evolve’s patent IQ2 technology that gets rid of the calcium and magnesium ions without wasting water or injecting too much salt into your water.

More Efficiency Means More Cost Saving

The biggest problem with water softening lies in the fact that the system might either lose some waste water or it will inject sodium into your water. While this might not be a problem to people with personal wells, you might end up paying extra water bills just to run your water softener – especially if you are using it on large-scale. Moreover, if you don’t invest in a non-sodium system, you might have to get extra systems to get rid of the salt in the water.

However, with the EVRS, you won’t have to worry about these thanks to the revolutionary ion exchange system that produces less waste water whilst injecting less salt into the system. This will not only give you safe water for your everyday use but also guarantee you of a system that is versatile and very easy to use.

With the EVRS, you will:

  • Get rid of those minerals that stain your plumbing fixtures and the foul taste that comes with hard water
  • Get soft water that is easier to lather and soft on your appliances like water heater and washing machine
  • Cut down on salt intake and take charge of your health
  • Intelligent monitoring of your water use patterns and ensure that the system provides soft water when you need it

Water Volume is Crucial

When you install a water softener, you are hopeful that it will provide you a steady supply of water when you need it. Most EVRS buyers are interested in getting a compact system that will keep your home or business place supplied at all times.

The self-adjust algorithm that not only learns your water but also your usage patterns to ensure that it has the right amount of water is stocked at the right time.

If you want more water than a single unit can produce, you can get twin system EVRS that will boost your soft water output hence keeping you in business no matter what.

The EVRS is the ideal system for homeowners or single unit business entities who might not need soft water in large-scale volumes.