EVRC City Water Softener System

EVRCWhen looking for a water softener, you want a product that provides abundant clean water for your domestic or commercial use. You want a water softener that is efficient and will stand the test of time. You want a water softening system that offers very high-performance while it remains environmentally friendly. If you are looking for a water softener that offers all of the above and much more, then you should consider getting the EVRC water softener.

The EVRC is more than just an ordinary water softener. This is more of a water purification system because it offers versatility and efficiency that the other water softeners can’t match. This is an ingenious water softening system that utilizes cutting-edge technology and forward-thinking design to offer water softening and purification efficiency that is almost unheard of in the water softening sphere. Let’s break down the EVRC a little more so that you can understand why it really is a cut above the rest:


The EVRC system has a compact design which really enhances its performance. Both the brine tank and the main softening unit are designed to occupy very little space. The minimalistic design does not mean that the system won’t supply the desired capacity. It actually handles higher amounts of water than what other bigger systems can handle.

High-performance resin media

Much of the water softening activity takes place in the resin unit through the ion-exchange process. The EVRC’s resin media is designed to not only speed up the ion-exchange but removes odors and any tastes in the water. With the help of the activated carbon above the main resin compartment, the water softener will get rid of unwanted minerals and any odors or tastes in the water. The resulting water flowing to your home is clean and safe for drinking and other domestic/commercial uses.


This is arguably one of the main reasons why this softener has been voted as the best in the market. It’s split tank design means no replacement filters and no backwash filter as well. This reduces the amount of water used for the regeneration process making the system environmentally friendly.

Adjustable settings

The technology used in the manufacture of this tank allows you to adjust the amount of water and brine used for the regeneration process. You can also schedule the regeneration cycle of the system. This means that you essentially have control over the performance and use of resources of the water softening unit.

So, what will owning the EVRC mean for you and your family? Here are some of the impacts of using the EVRC system in your home or commercial facility;

  • The EVRC will help you get an adequate supply of clean, soft and odorless water with no strange smells or pigmentations. Clean water is the first step towards healthy living.
  • Save on the energy cost of the house. Hard water clogs water heaters and other appliances in the house reducing their efficiency and increasing the energy consumption. With soft water from the EVRC though, there is very little effect on the efficiency of the appliances.
  • Hard water makes cleaning and especially laundry very difficult. Hard water requires more soap and detergent when washing and this can be uneconomical. Hard water also leaves curd on clothing making the colors to fade with time. This will all change if you get the EVRC
  • Cut on the cost of repairs and maintenance around the house. You won’t have to pay your plumber to repair your appliances every now and then.