EVR Water Softener


Working with hard water at home can be very difficult and equally uneconomical. Hard water poses a threat to your water heaters and other appliances around the house. Hard water makes laundry and general cleaning around the house quite cumbersome because it takes a lot of soap for lather to form. This is essentially why every home needs to invest in a water softener.

One of the most popular and effective water softeners in the market today is the EVR. The EVR is a highly efficient water softener designed not just to get rid of hardness but also odor and bad tastes. This makes it very versatile in water treatment and it will always provide clean and safe water for drinking and other domestic uses. Featuring Evolve’s IQ2 technology, the water softening system is one of the few systems embracing green technology. This means that the system uses far less water and brine in its operation than other devices.

Here is a quick look at how the EVR works to soften your hard water and get rid of any odor or bad taste:

How the EVR Works

Water is considered hard when it contains minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron and other heavy metals. For the water to be softened and made safe for drinking and other domestic uses, the minerals have to be removed from the water and this is exactly what the EVR does. Untreated water is fed into the softener and as it flows through, a process called ion exchange takes place where the unwanted ions (calcium and magnesium) are removed from the water. The soft water is then further chlorinated to get rid of any taste or bad odor before it is delivered to your home. To clean the deposited ions from the EVR, brine is pumped at high pressure into the chamber eliminating the ions rendering the softener clean. This process is known as regeneration.

The EVR has special features that enhance its performance and optimize its efficiency. Here are some of the most notable features that make the EVR stand out from the other water softener:

  • Patented, integrated chlorine generator which self-sanitizes the tank keeping bacteria out
  • The compact design together with the IQ2 patented technology make this water softener ‘smart’.  The technology allows you to fine-tune the EVR to suit your specific water needs.
  • The controllers in the EVR monitor and record your water usage and this helps it induce the regeneration process on its own.
  • The resin media in the EVR is more powerful than in most water softeners making it more effective at removing minerals.
  • The green-technology employed minimizes water and salt use in the regeneration process. This saves a lot of money.

Reasons why you need to aainvest in the EVR system

  1. The EVR will help you get an adequate supply of clean, soft and odorless water with no strange smells or pigmentations. Clean water is the first step towards healthy living.
  2. Save on the energy cost of the house. Hard water clogs water heaters and other appliances in the house reducing their efficiency and increasing the energy consumption. With soft water from the EVR though, there is very little effect on the efficiency of the appliances. You will also save on maintenance and repairs of your appliances.
  3. Soft water makes laundry and other cleaning jobs around the house easier. Hard water requires more soap and detergent when washing and this can be uneconomical.

Give us a call today and we will help you install an EVR in your home and change your life for the better.