EV Twin Tank Softeners

twinseries - EV Twin Tank SoftenersQuality water is essential to living a healthy life. It also makes home or commercial plumbing more efficient. Clean water can be delivered from a modern water treatment system, such as Evolve, which makes EV Twin Tank Softeners. This innovative system will filter out unwanted minerals and hardness to allow plumbing and appliances that use water to improve efficiency.

Benefits of Water Softener Technology

  • constant (24 hour) soft water – no downtime to during regeneration
  • eco-friendly
  • flexible
  • self-chlorination properties
  • removes unpleasant tastes and odors
  • provides water efficiency
  • reduces salt in water
  • saves money

What Is Hard Water?

The government’s definition of hard water is based on measurements of 7.0 to 10.5 grains per gallon. Above that level is considered “very hard water.” ┬áHard water results from dissolved solids such as calcium and magnesium. It prevents soap from lathering and can lead to laundry problems, not to mention pipe degradation.

Hard Water Issues

Several problems can result from hard water, such as white rings, orange stains, and unwanted odors. Chlorine is used in city water as a disinfectant, but it also leads to bad tastes and odors in water and can dry your skin. Hard water may cause dull and sticky hair.

Iron is another example of an element found in city water that stains laundry and pipes. Although it’s not toxic, iron can create red, brown and yellow stains on laundry, glass, and silverware.

Well water also contains hydrogen sulfide, which is a corrosive gas that smells like rotten eggs that end up in groundwater. Hydrogen sulfide, a gas that dissolves in water, also contributes to this odor. Sulfates can cause bad odors, as well as leaving spots on glass and creating a bitter taste.

If you’re tired of looking at spotted dishes after they dry, a film on glass shower doors, faucets and bathtubs or clothes that are degraded from hard water, you need to consider looking into a water softening solution. Aside from affecting appearance, ┬ámineral deposits collected on pipes may reduce efficiency.

EV Twin Tank Softeners can correct these hard water problems by removing unwanted minerals, bacteria, and particles. Evolve specialists identify and remove these contaminants from water with state-of-the-art equipment such as EVR and EVRS tanks.

How Twin Tank Softeners Work

EV’s Twin Tank Softeners system consists of EVR and EVRS tanks. The EVR tank has self-chlorinating capabilities, due to high-performance resin media that eliminates unwanted tastes and odors. It comprises EV’s proprietary IQ2 cleaning and monitoring technology, allowing you to customize settings based on your water treatment needs. The result is water conservation and money savings.

The EVRS tank is a newer IQ2-based technology that uses less water and salt while delivering 24/7 peak performance. Both models are available as RC resin/carbon units.

Our modern industrialized culture is surrounded by toxic chemicals, but that doesn’t mean you have to tolerate them. You can help contribute to a cleaner and safer environment by going green with EV Twin Tank Softeners that eliminate foul odors and harmful elements that damage laundry, kitchenware, plumbing, and health.