ESOne of the most overlooked budget wasters in most households in America is hard water. Most people don’t know it but hard water wastes lots of money and resources around the house. Hard water with very high mineral concentration levels has a very big negative impact on how we do day to day chores in the house. From laundry to cooking, hard water makes lives more difficult than most people realize. This is why every household needs a water softener to get rid of the minerals and make life easier. We at Water Boy Systems, know how important it is for every household to have access to clean soft water and strive to provide you with various water softening solutions. The ES Water softener is one such system that we recommend.

The ES Water Softener is a highly effective water softener that will provide your entire family with clean, safe water in abundance. The ES water softener is designed for no-fuss operation and yields maximum efficiency in water softening. Here is a quick breakdown of how the ES softens your water and why you should be keen to buy one of these gems for your family:

How the ES Softener Works

Just like most domestic water softeners, the ES Water Softener works by getting rid of magnesium and calcium in the hard water. When the hard water flows or passes through the ES, the magnesium and calcium ions are removed through a chemical process known as ion exchange. As the ions are deposited on the resin bed, clean soft water which is safe for drinking and other domestic use flows out of the softener. With time, the hard ions accumulate at the bottom of the tank and need to be cleaned. A combination of high pressure and Sodium Chloride (brine) is used to regenerate and get rid of the ions rendering the softener clean and ready for another round. So, what makes this particular softener special? Why should you be want it in your home?


It is more efficient than most of the available water softening systems available in the market. From the water softening to the regeneration (cleaning process) the ES water softener works quickly and with minimal maintenance.

Technology Incorporation

Thanks to technology and innovation, you can program and control how often he softener regenerates itself. This will depend on the amount of water that your family uses. The softener will automatically note the average amount of water used between the regenerations and will induce future regenerations on its own.

Compact Design

The ES water softener has a compact design which means that it occupies very little space but still provides an impressive water capacity. A lot of emphasis went into the design of individual components such as the valves and connecting tubes and the results are truly awesome.

Don’t struggle anymore with crud on your clothes! Save the labor of scrubbing hard water deposits from utensils, extend the life of your domestic water heaters and keep the plumber away by investing in one of these water softeners. It will not only provide sufficient, clean soft water for your family but will help you save on energy and costs of maintain and replacing appliances in your home.

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