Residential Water Softeners

“Hard” water has always been and will always be a nuisance. Hard water has excess magnesium and calcium ions that make it hard to lather. Apart from this, hard water will also form ‘scales’ that deposit in your plumbing or on surfaces hence forcing you to launch regular cleaning and maintenance programs to keep everything flowing smoothly. Hard water can increase the energy you need to heat the water since the minerals cake around heating equipment as the water temperatures rise. Typically, your maintenance costs will also increase.

Should you be worried about your hard water problem? Definitely. While hard water might not have any potential health problems, it will increase your potential expenses. Hard water problems are typically hidden until it’s too late, putting a strain on your pipes and plumbing.

Water softeners are important as they will soften the water before it gets into your plumbing. By using a water softener, you will reduce the amount of buildup on your pipes and have more pleasant tasting water.


Choosing the Right Water Softeners

Water Boys can help you choose the right water softeners for your home to ensure that you have a steady flow of water that is balanced before it comes out of the tap. Our highly-skilled experts will analyze your needs and test your water hardness before recommending the right equipment for your home.

You will need something that will give you an almost continuous supply of soft water and feed it to the right piping system.

In addition to this, your water softener system must be robust enough to deal with your peak GPM flow.

  • The grains per tank capacity will tell you how much the system can soften before you have to service it
  • A system that allows multiple tank systems will help you grow your water softener system as the demand for fresh water grows
  • Extra features like addressing iron ions and adjusting water pH will be a plus when dealing with high precision production water for your family.

Hard water can be a major headache in both residential and commercial settings. Talk to Water Boys today and they will help you find a softener that is right for your home.