Sulfur Removal Systems


Ground water can contain two different forms of sulfur, hydrogen sulfide and sulfate. Sulfates are when sulfur and oxygen combine and are a natural mineral in some soil types and rock formations. Hydrogen sulfide is the result of a chemical change in the natural sulfates. Neither is a threat to your health, but both are nuisances that you will want to use sulfur removal systems to remove from your water supply.

Why You Want to Remove Sulfur from Your Water

If you notice a ‘rotten egg’ odor coming from your water, you are experiencing one of the effects from sulfur. This odor will be more noticeable when you run the hot water and will discolor coffee, tea, and other beverages you serve. It is also responsible for altering the taste of the food you prepare and how it looks.

Hydrogen sulfide, when dissolved in water, could corrode your plumbing. This corrosion could result in ‘black water.’ Black water will discolor your silverware, brass, and copper. It can also damage or interfere with your water softeners performance and other filter systems. One method to remove sulfur from your well is by sanitizing your well with bleach.

Chlorine Bleach

Household bleach will kill odors temporarily and sanitize your well. To perform this sanitization, you will need to inject a dose of chlorine into your well, pump system, and piping. You will need to let the solution sit for 2 to 24 hours, and then pump your well to ensure all chlorine residue is gone. When the odor returns, repeat the procedure.

Sulfur Removal Systems

If you suspect there are unwanted elements in your water, you need to contact Water Boy Systems for a complete water test. Their water testing will show exactly what is in your water and what you need to remove. This testing will ensure you get the right equipment to treat all foreign elements in your water. Home water testing can determine if sulfates are present in your household water source.

Neighborhoods will all have different types of water. Some may be clear, while right down the street levels of contaminants might be present. Water Boy Systems are sulfur removal experts. Contact them today if a ‘rotten egg’ smell is present in your drinking water. Their sulfur removal systems will ensure you receive the proper equipment to purify your water source. 

Water Boy System does have a chemical-free oxidizing filter that removes sulfur. Higher amounts of sulfur require the use of a more sophisticated hydrogen peroxide solution.