EV 1 / EV 2

EV 1/ EV 2Pure, hygienic water provided by a single system

The Evolve® EV 1/EV 2 water conditioning system uses the most sophisticated scientific methods to provide you with the purest water for both domestic and commercial use. The system uses a unique patented controller, the IQ2. This highly efficient controller is completely self-monitoring and provides deep cleaning using the most advanced Crystal-Right ™ media.

The EV 1/EV 2 water purification unit will not only protect your plumbing and fixtures, it also provides you with the cleanest water. Your water will be free from odors and taste as fresh as if it were from a mountain spring.


Removes Unwanted Elements

  • No more iron in your water. The system removes iron that stains your laundry, basins and other plumbing fixtures.
  • No bad odors.  By removing all the sulfur from your water, the system provides you with water that has no foul odor.
  • Softens the water. Your water is kept at a healthy PH level and elements like calcium and manganese are removed. Leaving the water healthy and soft on your skin.


Saves you money through efficiency

The super intelligent IQ2 controller constantly monitors your water usage. The efficiency of this system not only provides you with perfectly conditioned water 24/7 but reduces your water consumption, ultimately saving you money.

In addition to this, the five cycle operation ensures that your water is always of the highest quality. This means that your plumbing and appliances remain in pristine condition, saving you even more in the long run.

The normal, service position, ensures that all harmful elements are removed. During the first step of the regeneration cycle, the brine tank is filled with conditioned water and the “dry fill” process ensures that salt in the brine solution is less susceptible to “bridging”.

A backwashing cycle ensures that all particles that have been removed from the water are flushed down the drain.

An electrical current generates chlorine from the brine tank which is used to disinfect the tank and rejuvinate the media. Any remaining chlorine is removed during the rinsing cycle.

Through these electronically controlled steps, the system is always kept maintained and functioning optimally.

Using an EV twin system will guarantee that you have an uninterrupted supply of pure water any time of the day or night, throughout the week.


The most advanced media – Crystal-Right ™Zeolite_Optimized

Crystal-Right ™ is far superior to conventional softening gel used in most water conditioners. The silica base crystals are highly efficient at removing iron, manganese and unwanted bacteria from your water. At the same time, they correct acidity levels and are able to withstand high levels of chlorine. This makes them ideal for use with the Evolve® patented disinfection system. While doing all this, the water is simultaneously softened.


All-in-One Solution

The EV 1/EV 2 water conditioning system provides a complete solution, removing unwanted minerals, particles, and bacteria whilst providing unrivaled water softening. Using an intelligent controller combines maximum convenience with unrivaled efficiency.

By using the most advanced scientific methods and modern technology, Evolve® EV 1/EV 2 water conditioners eliminate the need for any additional water treatment. It is the ultimate water treatment system for the modern home.