Filters come in all types and sizes, and in many applications, 2 or 3 cartridge filters are needed to get the job done.

Imagine if you could get superior filtration with only a one-cartridge filter system that will save space and look good doing it.


evolve1One Cartridge

There are unique designs available that only require the use of one filtration cartridge per filter tank. These slim and good looking tanks are made for high-volume water flow, and the larger capacity filter cartridges extend replacement times, which makes them cost effective too. They are the ideal particulate filters that are are not intrusive in any setting, whether it’s home or commercial.

Plus, the filtration tank is easy to access, which makes changing a filter a snap. You won’t need any special tools to do this, and the design is so innovative, that you can drain large particles from an optional bottom drain to further increase cartridge service length. That also saves time and hassle over the long run.

Types of FiltersEVBF

The EVBF backwashing filters allow you to rinse the filters and thereby extend their lives. This type of innovation is geared towards ease of use while retaining excellent filtration properties.

Custom filters can be found and include:

  • Calcite Filters — These types of filters are made to neutralize acidic water conditions. A high acidic water can corrode pipes and fixtures.
  • Corosex Filters — For the most stubborn acidic water conditions, corosex is combined with calcite to completely neutralize acidic water.
  • Carbon Filters — Carbon filters will remove bad tastes and odor from your water, which makes it more palatable when you drink it.
  • Filter Zs — Filter Zs remove particles like silt and clay that can become a nuisance and restrict water flow.

Depending on the type of water you have, these filters will greatly increase the water quality, stop corrosion, and make the water taste better.


Filtered water is as good as, or better than, bottled water. No odor and no impurities make this the best tasting water around.

There are also money saving benefits too. There is no need to buy bottled water anymore, so you’ll easily save enough money every year that the filtration system will pay for itself.

Not only that, but you won’t be polluting landfills by throwing away plastic bottles, and that helps the environment. Having a filtration system like this is both economical in the long run, and an environmentally friendly way to drink pure and fresh water any time you want some. That’s a win-win situation every time.


Modern Filtration at its Best

If you have an older filtration system that has multiple cartridges to replace, has poor water quality – even though it is being filtered, or if you have poor water flow through your filtration system, you owe it to yourself to check out a one cartridge filter tank design. The filter is easy to change with no special tools and can be back washed too, while the tank comes with an optional drain to purge the filter of larger filter-blocking particles.

Only one tank is needed, even for high water flow commercial conditions, and you’ll save money, time, and effort with a one cartridge filtration system, for home or for business.