Water filtering system. Creating clear potable water - Commercial/Industrial

Having filtered water is essential, especially in the restaurant business. Filtered water is also necessary for other companies that have coffee brewing equipment for their employees, ice machines in their lounge, use steam as part of their operations, and many other business types. A commercial water filtration system not only makes sure you have great tasting, clean water, but it will also keep your equipment working better and longer.

The Importance of a Commercial Water Filtration System for Your Business

Contaminants can affect the water source of any business. A commercial water filtration system will help to improve the efficiency of your plumbing and provide your equipment with a longer life span. Filtering your water will keep minerals and even metals from going through your machinery and creating build-ups. These are some of the areas that benefit the most from a commercial water filtration system.


Mechanical Equipment

Machinery, such as the boiler can become damaged when excessive metal, alkaline water or other minerals flow through your water source. Time-consuming and expensive breakdowns can occur with this type of wear. Save yourself time and money by using a commercial water filtration system.

RO Systems can filter your water by forcing it through a semi-permeable membrane to remove unwanted substances. This system will rinse the rejected minerals from your water source down the drain, leaving only clean, fresh-tasting drinking water. RO Systems are capable of purifying up to 10,000 gallons of your water every day.

Water Coolers

If your business offers the use of a water cooler to clients and employees, you want to provide a reliable source of clean, great-tasting water to them. Bottled water services can provide you a state-of-the-art machine with filtered fresh water. Most services deliver these to your place of business and keep them filled and working. These machines are ideal commercial water filtration systems, so you know the water served is safe and substance-free.


Quality Restaurant Water

Restaurant water has a high importance to be filtered. These businesses have to prepare food and beverages, clean their dishes and utensils, and often serve glasses of water to customers. The use of a commercial water filtration can help you as a restaurant owner in several ways:

  • Provide a longer lifespan for equipment.
  • Lower your operating expenses.
  • Provide cleaner utensils, dishes, glassware, and drinking water.

Clear-Flo Systems are one solution for healthier water for you, all the way down to the faucet. These systems remove heavy metals, aluminum, copper, zinc, and more from your water source. Your business will have cleaner, healthier water without losing pressure, so you maintain maximum performance.


Commercial Water Softeners

Industrial water softeners meet diverse needs from nursing homes, apartment buildings, manufacturers, and more. These businesses need treated water, and commercial water softeners are ideal for providing water filtration. These systems vary from a simple installation to a demanding application. Professional water experts can help your business choose the model best suited to your needs.


Commercial UV Systems

An ultraviolet light process is an efficient, simple, and safe method to disinfect water. These systems can treat up to hundreds of gallons per minute to reduce TOC, prevent ozone destruction, and purify. The UV system reduces up to 99% of bacteria in your water and still provides optimized flow and retention time. These commercial water filtration systems will purify and provide you clear, fresh water.

Any business can benefit from a water filtration system. Without one of these systems, you jeopardize your operations and risk buildup that could cause extensive damage from contaminated water. Maintaining a high-quality water source delivers significant benefits.