Lab Services

labtestThe first step in removing unwanted elements from your water is testing to find out exactly what needs to be removed. Proper testing is key in making sure that you not only get the right equipment but to also be sure that all foreign elements are detected.

In Home Testing

Water Boy Systems offers FREE in-home water testing to test for hardness, iron, sulfur, pH, TDS (total dissolvedĀ solids) to determine the proper equipment for your family’s needs. Water Boy Systems has an advanced testing lab available for testing other common contaminants such as Coliform Bacteria, Nitrates, Arsenic, Lead, Fluoride, Sulfates & Chlorides that can be found in residential water. Occasionally it is necessary for advanced testing to be done if difficult to detect substances are suspected. Water Boy Systems has an advanced testing lab available making sure that all unwanted elements are detected. When making an appointment, please mention if you are interested in advanced testing of your water. This allows us to bring all needed materials.